What Platforms Are Supported By Fifa 23?


To ensure smooth gameplay across various devices, it is crucial to know the platforms supported by FIFA 23. It can be cumbersome to switch consoles mid-game, but fret not. Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo Switch are all supported by FIFA 23. Knowing this can help you choose the right platform to fully enjoy FIFA 23's gaming experience.

How to Play Fifa 23 Cross Platform

FIFA 23 now supports Xbox, giving players an immersive experience with realistic gameplay and stunning graphics. Seamless compatibility and optimised performance is what Xbox users can expect, thanks to its powerful processing capabilities.

The online multiplayer features of Xbox offer gamers the chance to compete in FIFA tournaments and leagues against players from all over the world. To ensure the best experience, it is advised that Xbox users keep their console up-to-date and use high-speed internet connections.

So, PlayStation fans can now stop pretending to care about basketball and get back to what they love the most—virtual soccer on FIFA 23!


The iconic video game console, known for its exceptional graphics and smooth gameplay, is one of the most popular platforms that FIFA 23 will support. Since its launch, gamers worldwide have been seeking it out. It has a major role in the gaming community.

  • 1. In 2020, it got an upgrade with an improved controller system, allowing users to feel more immersed.

  • 2. It offers access to exclusive games that cannot be found elsewhere.

  • 3. It also provides gamers with high-performing online multiplayer capabilities for competitive sports games like FIFA 23.

It's worth noting that while PlayStation does support FIFA 23, it is not an exclusive platform. There are other options available.

Statista's market research from Q2 of 2021 shows that Sony's PlayStation series was second in terms of unit sales with 1 million units sold.

Instead of going outside to play soccer, why not just stay inside and play FIFA 23 on your PC? Convenience and preserving your pasty complexion are essential!


FIFA 23 is set to launch on multiple gaming platforms, including PCs! This platform offers a great playing experience and graphics. The PC version of FIFA 23 will have the same gameplay elements as other console versions. It's best to run the game on a high-spec PC with a powerful GPU-based graphics card. Players might need to upgrade their hardware if it doesn't meet the minimum requirement. Also, certain updates or compatibility issues may affect some unique features. So, check for official updates regularly!

For an optimal performance, use desktop software like GameBoost, Razer Cortex, Wise Game Booster, or CCleaner. And if you want to take your soccer showdown on the go, you can play FIFA 23 on the Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch offers a one-of-a-kind experience for FIFA 23 players! It has amazing graphics and is versatile, so you can play games on the go or at home. Plus, it has exclusive games like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Animal Crossing. You can use motion controls with the Joy-Con controllers for interactive gaming. The battery life ranges from 3 to 9 hours. FUT (Ultimate Team) will be compatible with the Switch, giving access to Objectives, Squad Building Challenges, and more. Fear not! Get your Nintendo Switch today and start playing FIFA 23 right away!

How to Play FIFA 23 Cross Platform

To enable cross-platform play and connect with friends on other platforms in FIFA 23, follow these tips. Inviting players from other platforms to games is also made easy.

Enabling Cross-platform Play

For FIFA 23 gameplay across various platforms, there are lots of ways to enable interconnectivity between players. Here are some of them:

  • Turn on Crossplay Option: Most gaming communities have a crossplay option that links players, activating this.

  • Check Compatibility of the Game: All the games used should be at the same version and compatible with each other.

  • Create an Origin Account: Make one if you don't have one, it will help link your gamer tag and profile.

  • Add Friends Using Gamertags: Use gamer tags or social media handles to add friends who play FIFA on other platforms or use Discord.

  • Use Online Multiplayer Option: With FIFA's online multiplayer mode, set up a match with anyone on different platforms.

Remember, not all game modes support cross-platform play. Plus, a group of friends playing FIFA 22 had success in mini-tournaments from using cross-platform play on different consoles. So, don't miss out on the fun!

Connecting with Friends on Other Platforms

Ready to take on your mates across different consoles in FIFA 23? Here's how to get your cross-platform gaming session going!

  • Make an EA Account: Before you start this cross-platform journey, everyone must have a universal EA account. So, if you don't have one yet, create one.

  • Connect Platform Accounts: After creating your EA account, link other platform accounts like Xbox, PlayStation or PC. In the settings menu, click Accounts > Connect Accounts and follow the instructions.

  • Invite Pals: Now that your accounts are linked, head over to the Friend section and search for your friend's GamerTag/ID. Once found, send them a request. Wait until your friend accepts it before setting up any matches.

  • Game On: Once your friends from different platforms have connected on FIFA 23, you can now start playing any team of your choice.

Important: You may have some limitations when playing cross-platform on FIFA 23. For instance, if one player is using a PlayStation 5 and the other is using an Xbox Series X/S, they can't play together.

Tip: Make sure your internet connection is stable to avoid lagging and have a smooth cross-platform experience.

Inviting Players from Other Platforms to Games

Invite your rivals to play FIFA 23 across different gaming networks! Here's how:

  • Set up a session or lobby.

  • Send invitations to your buddies' usernames, like Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and PC.

  • Accept the requests.

  • Choose a match type, such as exhibition games, squad building and online multiplayer modes.

  • Select the settings and start playing together on different platforms.

  • For now, only PlayStation and Xbox have cross-platform availability.

Remember, there are small differences in this process depending on the platform. Check out the documentation provided by your gaming network to make sure your friends can join in!

To get the most out of this experience, think about:

  • Keeping open communication between you and your opponents.

  • Making sure everyone joins the same server location to reduce lag.

  • Lowering graphics settings or using wired connections if lag still persists.

Now it's time to have a blast with pals on any console! Finally, you can decide who's the true FIFA king without buying extra copies!

Benefits of Cross-Platform Play in FIFA 23

To expand your FIFA 23 gaming experience across different platforms, the benefits of cross-platform play are numerous. With a larger player pool, you can challenge yourself against more skilled opponents. Cross-platform play also leads to more competitive matches, elevating your skills. Additionally, increased social interaction with players from different platforms makes for an exciting and diverse community.

Larger Player Pool

Cross-platform play in FIFA 23 is an advantageous feature! It lets players compete across different platforms, giving the game a larger audience with diverse skill levels and playing styles. It also brings diverse competition, intensifying gameplay. Plus, it increases social interactions beyond gaming and reduces queue times for games.

To make the most of this innovation, create a team strategy, know your opponents' tendencies, change-up formations and use web resources to stay up-to-date on tips. With FIFA 23's cross-platform capabilities, there are no more excuses for losing to your console-only friends.

More Competitive Matches

Cross-platform play in FIFA 23 has changed gaming in a major way! You can now compete against players with different skill levels, backgrounds, and styles. Plus, you can discover different playing styles from all over the world.

You can even use this to your advantage. Learning new techniques from others can help you become a better player. This can make you more motivated and passionate about the game.

Pro Tip: Make sure you use high-quality equipment like controllers and consoles that support fast connectivity and response rate. That way, you can get the most out of your FIFA 23 experience!

Increased Social Interaction

Cross-platform play in FIFA 23 makes way for diverse players to come together and socialise. Benefits such as improved gaming experience, formation of more connections, playing with friends on other consoles, and forming squads across different platforms have been observed.

The integration of cross-play creates a dynamic atmosphere; users can learn tips from more advanced players, leading to an improved skill set. Those who haven't experienced this FIFA 23 feature are missing out on all these incredible things, as they limit themselves to playing within their console's community.

Therefore, cross-platform play in FIFA 23 can add value to both entertainment and connectivity aspects immensely. It is an interconnected world where every experience counts - so be warned, the only thing bigger than the benefits are the rage quits and broken controllers from playing against PC players with cheat codes!

Limitations of Cross-Platform Play in FIFA 23

To understand the limitations of cross-platform play in FIFA 23 with platform-specific features not available across platforms, communication limitations, and platform restrictions on cross-play, read on. By exploring the sub-sections in depth, you can learn about the challenges of cross-play and how they impact the player experience in FIFA 23.

Platform-Specific Features not Available Across Platforms

FIFA 23's interplay across different platforms limits certain functionalities that are exclusive to each one. Depending on the platform, users may not have access to some features, making their experience unfulfilling.

The chart below outlines the Platform-specific features that aren't available:


Features Not Available


Custom music and kit creator


Ability to stream live TV


Some controller options

Apart from these discrepancies, each platform offers its own unique aspects when it comes to graphics, speed, accessibility, and network connectivity.

At the start of the 90s, FIFA was only available for consoles. However, due to a couple of legal issues with the console makers' monopoly during the 2000s, EA Sports released versions for both Xbox and PlayStation, giving them equal footing.

Cross-platform communication in FIFA 23 is like trying to talk on a broken iPhone - it'll end up with plenty of misunderstandings and disappointment.

Communication Limitations

Players of FIFA 23 may have a tough time enjoying cross-platform play due to communication limitations. Without a standard protocol, messaging can be difficult to coordinate between players. Social media handles and voice chat features exist, but the inconsistency creates misunderstandings and dissatisfaction.

Plus, players may miss out on important info, strategy talks, or trash talk because of a lack of sync messaging tools. Even translation can be an issue; players using different languages can make it hard to understand one another.

Players don't want to feel left out and frustrated, so game developers must provide more reliable and integrated messaging infrastructure across all platforms. Otherwise, players will lose interest in FIFA 23's cross-play.

Platform Restrictions on Cross-Play

FIFA 23 bids adieu to cross-play limitations! Get ready for some amazing online gaming experience. Let's take a look at the platform restrictions on cross-play:

  • PC and Xbox support cross-play, whereas PlayStation doesn't.

  • Even if two platforms support cross-play, certain features might not be available like voice chat or party management. So, it's important to check the compatibility requirements before your next match.

FIFA 23 Cross Platform FAQs

To ensure that you get the most out of FIFA 23's cross-platform play, this section on FIFA 23 Cross Platform FAQs with sub-sections including "Is cross-platform play available in all game modes?", "Do players need to have the same edition of FIFA for cross-platform play?", "Are there any restrictions on the number of players that can join a cross-platform game?" and "Can players use their customised settings and formations in cross-platform play?" has been created. Understanding the answers to these frequently asked questions will help you navigate cross-platform play and enjoy a smoother gaming experience.

Is Cross-Platform Play Available in all Game Modes?

FIFA 23 has cross-platform play across various game modes, so PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch users can all join in the fun together. This includes the single-player Career Mode - you can prove your skills against players from all around the world!

Though cross-platform play is available, not all features may be accessible on all platforms. So double-check before you commit.

Cross-platform has been around for a while, and it's great that FIFA has adopted it. It's a great way to break down barriers between devices and create a more social gaming experience. Forget buying the same edition - just pass the controller to your friend and get playing!

Do Players Need to have the Same Edition of FIFA for Cross-Platform Play

To enjoy cross-platform play on FIFA 23, players must have the same edition. It is essential to make sure the game is up-to-date and compatible with other players' devices.

Get respective controllers for each platform. For instance, an Xbox controller works better with an Xbox device than PlayStation or PC.

Access stable internet connectivity. A weak or inconsistent connection may cause lagging and disconnects.

Make sure accounts are configured properly and the minimum hardware requirements of the chosen platform are met. This guarantees a smooth gaming experience for all.

Why not have a full-on cross-platform party in FIFA 23? Invite more players for more fun!

Are there any Restrictions on the Number of Players that can Join a Cross-Platform Game

Cross-platform games have a max player limit, which changes depending on the game. FIFA 23 follows this rule too - it's vital to check the settings or info page for details.

You must have compatible devices and consoles to join in. Plus, you need an adequate internet connection and updated firmware.

EA Games wants everyone to have the best gaming experience, so they may limit the number of players per session. This helps avoid lags and disconnections.

Prepare yourself - opponents may have perfected their formation. That means losing in FIFA might be even worse!

Cross-platform play keeps your customised settings and formations intact. Playstyle stays the same, no matter the platform. Save them and use them again later - no need for new ones every time you switch.

You might need minor adjustments due to hardware differences. That could be gameplay optimizations or small enhancements based on device performance.

FIFA 23's cross-platform compatibility works with Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Google Stadia and Microsoft Windows PCs.

Console or PC gamers can now settle the age-old debate with a football match, not a fist fight!


Playing FIFA 23 is doable on various platforms. PC, Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and Stadia users can all connect with friends on the same platform. But cross-platform play isn't available at the present.

There are diverse features for FIFA 23 on multiple platforms, such as better frame rate and exclusive content. Each platform has its own unique experience that goes with personal preferences and funds.

Remember that not all consoles have the same features or graphics quality. So, gamers should think about which platform gives the best gaming experience before buying.

Pro Tip: Get to know each platform's features, so you can pick out the one that suits your gaming needs best.

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