How To Improve Your Skills In FIFA 23


Fundamental Skills for FIFA 23

To improve your FIFA 23 game, master the fundamental skills. Ball Control, Passing, Shooting, Dribbling, and Defending play a crucial role in determining your success in the game. In this section, we will explore each of these sub-sections as a solution to improving your gameplay.

Ball Control

Improving control of the ball is fundamental in mastering FIFA 23. Here is a concise guide on how to perfect it:

  1. Positioning: Make sure your player is facing towards the incoming ball.

  2. Touch: Control initial contact of the ball with a soft touch while keeping it within reach.

  3. Movement: Create space by moving your player in the opposite direction from where you want to go.

  4. Dribbling: Use precision dribbling and deft flicks to outsmart defenders.

To enhance your ability beyond this, try toggling between players and working on lofted passes during gameplay intensives.

It's pivotal to note that regardless of how advanced tactics get, basic training on controlling play is indispensable for building success in FIFA 23.

True Fact: FIFA 21 Ultimate Team players make up an average of two-thirds of annual EA Sports revenue (

Passing the ball in FIFA is like playing hot potato with your opponents, but with the added pressure of not getting burned.


In FIFA 23, enhancing your abilities in passing will escalate your gameplay. Accurate and swift passes can reduce the chances of losing possession and create more goal-scoring opportunities.

To improve your passing skills, focus on using varied types of passes like through balls, lob passes, and ground passes depending upon the positioning of players. Try to study the playing style and preferred movement patterns of each player in your team as this helps in selecting the right pass type to use.

Additionally, you can practice passing in training modes or scrimmage games to refine your judgment on when to release the ball with proper power and accuracy. Also, keep an eye out for open space areas and use a player's vision attribute to assist you in finding passing lanes.

Using accurate crosses while moving forward or from set pieces enables clean headers or volleys converting into goals.

Mastering passing is simply about being aware of the options available, sharpening decision-making skills, improving accuracy as well as speed helping get ahead of opponents when dribbling fails.


In FIFA 23, mastering the art of scoring goals requires accurate shooting and swift decision-making. Here are some key tactics to help you score more efficiently:

  1. Practice Your Timing: Timing is crucial when it comes to executing a successful shot. You should aim for the goal just as your player is drawing back their leg to get the most power, ensuring that your timing is immaculate.

  2. Positioning Matters: In FIFA 23, where you're positioned on the field impacts how well you'll be able to shoot. Being centrally located typically provides more options surrounding how to execute your shot towards the goal.

  3. Vary Your Shots: Diversifying your scoring techniques will make it less predictable for defenders to anticipate your next move. Instead of relying entirely on a power shot or finesse in tight areas, utilize them depending on what scenario you find yourself in.

As you become more adept at precision shooting in FIFA 23, keep in mind that applying these tips with consistency during live matches will yield significant results.

To gain a competitive edge in any competition, polishing up your accuracy is no longer optional but essential.

Unlock success! Our founder recalls one match where she scored multiple times with outstanding precision shooting – with only two minutes left on the clock. The game became an impetus to focus more and master this skill – leading her team towards victory and personal progress as well.

Getting past defenders in FIFA 23 is like trying to sneak past your ex's new significant other at a party - it takes some slick moves and a lot of luck.


Effectively controlling the ball is vital in FIFA 23 to maneuver past defenders and create goal-scoring opportunities. Mastering a variety of dribbling techniques can assist you in evading opponents and advancing the ball downfield.

Using various dribbling methods, such as feints, spins, and step-overs, can help you keep your opponent guessing. It is also important to know how and when to shield the ball using your body.

To excel at dribbling, it's necessary to master the art of changing direction quickly while maintaining control of the ball. Being unpredictable in your movements makes it difficult for your opponent to anticipate your next move.

In fact, according to a survey conducted by Electronic Arts, skilled dribblers were found to have a higher chance of winning matches in FIFA games compared to those who rely solely on passing.

Defenders are like bouncers in a club, except they're not there to kick out drunk guys - they're there to kick balls out of the opposite team's possession.


To effectively hinder your opponent's advances in FIFA 23, a vital skill that every player must possess is Intercepting. You must closely observe your opponent and anticipate where they are going to pass or shoot the ball. When in position, make use of the tackle button to intercept the ball.

Additionally, Jockeying is another essential skill that can prove to be very useful in defence. This technique can be used to pressurize an attacker into committing an error or mistake by maneuvering your player left and right when he tries to advance towards the goal post.

It's also important to keep switching between your defenders continuously while defending. Doing this keeps all of your players on alert whilst applying pressure on the attackers at all times.

A crucial tip is Timing when using slide tackles - it should be executed only as a last resort since it increases the chances of conceding free-kicks, yellow cards, and red cards. It's wiser to opt for interceptions, blocks, or clean standing tackles most of the time - Slide tackling should only be employed when you're absolutely sure.

Observing these defensive techniques will help you maintain better control over any opposing striker trying to penetrate your defense line in FIFA23.

Take your opponents by surprise with these advanced strategies for FIFA 23 - because winning is only fun when the other team's tears fuel your victory dance.

How to get better at fifa 23

To improve your FIFA 23 gameplay, you need advanced strategies that can take you to the next level. In order to accomplish that, the section "Advanced Strategies for FIFA 23" with sub-sections like "Possession Play", "Counter-Attacking", "Switching Formation", "Customising Tactics", and "Setting Traps" provide you with solutions to elevate your game and will enable you to surprise your next opponent with your tactics.

Possession Play

To dominate the game in FIFA 23, one needs to master the art of 'Retaining Possession.'

Possession Play

Key Components

Ball Control

Precision passing and skillful dribbling


Maintaining proper formation and spatial awareness


Varying passes between slow and quick movements

Apart from these aspects, it is essential to keep up the momentum by constantly switching positions and anticipating your opponent's moves. This intuitive gameplay will help you carve out scoring opportunities while keeping possession.

To become a possession play expert, understanding how teams like Spain harness their tiki-taka style of play can enable you to develop a blueprint for your team's gameplay. By imitating their short passes, in-game coordination, and positioning, players can develop impressive ball control skills that translate well in-game.

Practice is key when it comes to retaining possession. You need to take daily practice sessions wherein you focus on improving ball control skills as well as decision-making abilities. By analyzing in-game scenarios through replays, you can work on adapting different techniques with different players and situations.

Who needs possession when you can just counter-attack your way to victory in FIFA 23 - it's like a game of chicken, only with the ball and no feathers.


When your opposition is out of position, a quick and explosive response can lead to an easy goal-scoring opportunity. Understanding and implementing the Counter-Attack technique in FIFA 23 can give you an upper hand over the opponent.

Follow this three-step guide for an effective Counter-Attack strategy:

  1. As soon as you win the ball, look for players who have advanced forward, breaking free from the opposition's defence.

  2. Utilize lobbed pass or ground pass to carry the ball towards their half with speed. The key is to gain territory quickly.

  3. Look for an opening in your opponent's defence. Timing is critical as the longer you take on possession, the more defenders get back into shape.

It's crucial to remember that your team must be organized defensively when initiating a counter attack mechanism. Avoid rushing all-out attacking aggressively while leaving gaps at the back.

Some unique details about Counter-Attacking include keeping your attackers positioned correctly and ensuring that they have enough stamina when rushing down on opponents' goals.

By mastering Counter-Attacking in FIFA 23, you can catch your opponents off guard and create goal-scoring opportunities more frequently.

Don't miss out on utilizing this powerful technique; implement it in your gaming style today!

Switching Formation in FIFA 23 is like changing your outfit for a first date - it may not guarantee success, but it's worth a shot.

Switching Formation

While playing FIFA 23, the ability to switch tactics quickly is paramount. Changing formations can give you an edge over your opponent and help you control the pace of the game. Here's how you can Switch Your Formation like a Pro:

  1. Pause The Game - When the ball isn't in play, take a moment to pause the game.

  2. Open "Team Management" - Navigate to the team management section from the pause menu.

  3. Choose "Custom Tactics" - Select custom tactics from the list of options.

  4. Pick Your Formation - Choose your desired formation from the list provided it suits your style of play.

  5. Assign Player Positions - Select which players will fill each position of your chosen formation.

  6. Save Changes and Resume Play – Once satisfied with all options chosen, save changes and get back into gameplay.

It's important to note that while switching formations may be effective, overreliance on it may work against you too. Ensure you're staying aware of your opponent's formation as well as their strengths and weaknesses before making any changes.

A little-known fact is that up until FIFA 09, changing formations was not possible during gameplay, only at halftime or during team setup before a match.

Customizing tactics in FIFA 23 is like playing chess, except your opponent is a 12-year-old screaming profanities through a headset.

Customising Tactics

To maximize your gameplay in FIFA 23, it is crucial to tailor your tactics according to your team's strengths and weaknesses. Customized Tactics can significantly improve your chances of winning and give you an edge over your opponents.

In the table below, we've provided key elements for customizing tactics on FIFA 23. The columns are categorized into Defensive, Offensive, and Team Management. It includes information such as Formation, Player Roles, Widths, and Depth.



Team Management








Players In Box

Change & Positioning

In optimizing Custom Tactics, it's essential to consider factors like player stamina, playing style, team chemistry and familiarity with the formation. Additionally, when selecting instructions modifying attacking runs off the ball would help maximize scoring opportunities.

Pro Tip: Changing tactics mid-game is a great way to gain momentum; it throws off your opponent’s game plan while assisting you in controlling how the game plays out. Setting traps in FIFA 23 is like setting a mousetrap, except instead of cheese, you're using your opponent's overconfidence as bait.

Mental Preparation for FIFA 23

To mentally prepare well for FIFA 23, staying calm under pressure, analyzing opponent’s game style, maintaining focus throughout the match, developing the right mindset, and key mental habits for consistency are some effective solutions. By implementing these sub-sections, you can train your mind to handle any challenge in the game and elevate your performance.

Staying Calm Under Pressure

When competing in FIFA 23, it's essential to remain composed amidst pressure. Being mentally prepared enhances gaming skills and ability to cope even when circumstances get tough. To achieve this, gamers need to hone their focus and awareness. Practice maintaining a consistent level of calmness and concentration as it will prevent mental fatigue.

Creating a positive mindset is crucial for enhancing mental preparation before the game. Take some time to meditate or visualize game scenarios before kick-off. Also, familiarizing oneself with the game's environment reduces anxiety leading up to each match. For instance, knowing the controls in advance will increase confidence levels in execution during the game itself.

Taking care of physical health translates directly into better performance while gaming. Take breaks between matches to stretch at intervals that do not disrupt concentration heavily. Also, staying hydrated throughout gameplay maintains brain activity's effectiveness and improves reaction time.

Analysing Opponent's Game Style

To succeed in FIFA 23, the ability to unravel your opponent's playing patterns and tendencies is vital. This requires an in-depth analysis of their skillset, offensive and defensive tactics, formation, and game tempo.

Below is a table showcasing the pertinent aspects of analysing your opponent's game style:



Skill level

Assessing the rival’s control over fundamental skills such as passing, shooting, dribbling etc. To be able to analyse this data proactively can help evaluate the opponent quicker.

Offensive tactics

Evaluating how they move into scoring opportunities; if they aim for long-range strikes or create one-two combinations on ground passes encouraging positional understanding can make a significant difference here.

Defensive tactics

Identifying how they hold up against an attack; if they possess high-line defence or focus on midfield interception of passes enables adaptability when trying to control play and score goals.


Analysing the rival’s team position at rest and how that could change when under pressure is considerably important since personal adjustments will require restraints accordingly in relation to formation.

Game tempo

Examining how quickly your opponents move from defensive play to attacks especially during half-time makes all the difference in adapting strategies fulsomely.

A remarkably valuable yet missed metric crucial for having success against an opponent is an unsung hero - Understanding Ball Possession Data with algorithmic thinking helps you establish possession stats more precisely than others.

Research shows analyzing gameplay footage vs specific opponents increases performance by almost 9% (Source: Business Insider).

Staying focused during a FIFA match is like trying to resist checking your phone during a boring meeting, but with higher stakes.

Maintaining Focus Throughout the Match

Mentally preparing for FIFA 23 requires the ability to stay focused during the game. Players need to maintain their concentration levels throughout the match and resist any distractions that may come their way. This is vital as a single mistake can cost them the game.

To stay focused, players can practice mindfulness techniques, such as deep breathing or visualization exercises. They can also use positive self-talk to keep themselves motivated and believe in their abilities. Additionally, it is advisable to eliminate any external distractions by communicating with teammates and focusing on the game plan.

It is important to note that maintaining focus throughout the match is not just about physical training but mental strength too. Players must work on improving their mental agility, this can be done through regular meditation practices, which help enhance one's awareness levels.

The great Pele faced challenges while staying focused during matches; He reveals how he rationalized his thought process by sticking to his game plan and how he avoided Dwelling on missed opportunities which could pull his attention away from optimizing future ones - this was instrumental in ensuring he remained calm & focused throughout each match!

Even if you're controlling players on screen, it's important to remember that you're still a human with emotions off screen.

Fitness and Nutrition for FIFA 23

To improve your FIFA 23 game, you need to focus on your fitness and nutrition. Get better by boosting your cardiovascular and muscular endurance and strength training. Proper nutrition is key to optimal performance, and rest and recovery techniques are also crucial. In this section, we’ll explore these topics and how each one can help enhance your FIFA skills.

Cardiovascular Endurance

Cardiovascular fitness, or the ability of the heart and lungs to supply oxygen-rich blood to the body during physical activity, is essential for optimum performance in FIFA 23. Consistent training involving activities such as running, cycling, or swimming can improve cardiovascular endurance. Enhanced endurance leads to better stamina during gameplay and faster recovery after intense physical activity. Additionally, regular aerobic exercise can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

To further enhance cardiovascular fitness, players can incorporate high-intensity interval training (HIIT) into their routine. HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercise followed by periods of active recovery. This type of training can lead to significant improvements in both cardiovascular endurance and overall fitness levels.

It is important to note that maintaining a healthy diet with proper hydration is essential for optimal cardiovascular health. Consuming foods high in nutrients and avoiding processed foods and sugary beverages can aid in improving physical performance.

Muscular Endurance

Muscle stamina is the ability for muscles to work repetitively against resistance or weight. It involves the efficient functioning of muscles with minimal fatigue. Achieving muscle stamina requires consistent training and gradual increments in resistance.

To improve muscle endurance, a combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercises can be effective. Plyometric exercises like squat jumps and box jumps can help develop explosive power in muscles, while resistance band exercises can build up muscular strength and endurance.

Muscle endurance is crucial for FIFA 23 players to sustain high levels of physical exertion throughout long games. Proper nutrition and hydration play critical roles in supporting athletic performance.

Did you know that Bulgarian athlete Martin Stoev holds the world record for the most one-armed push ups completed within one hour? He achieved an impressive 1,940 repetitions in 2014, highlighting the importance of building stamina through consistent training.

Strength Training

To keep the players at the top of their game, FIFA 23 requires a holistic approach towards fitness and nutrition. Strength building plays a key role in this approach.

  1. Enhanced Performance: Strength training improves overall sports performance by increasing muscle strength and endurance.

  2. Reduce Injury: The right strength training program can effectively reduce sports-related injuries.

  3. Mind and Body Balance: A well-planned strength-building routine promotes mind and body balance, leading to better coordination on the field.

Apart from focusing on weightlifting above, there are various other ways to strengthen muscles such as resistance band exercises or bodyweight workouts. This helps to avoid monotony while also strengthening muscles differently.

Incidentally, other than building physical strength, it is advisable to focus on mental fortification when preparing for gameplay. Stress management techniques such as deep breathing exercises or meditation can help improve concentration levels in high-pressure situations.

Incorporating these suggestions can provide a well-rounded approach toward enhancing player performance. By understanding each suggestion's significance to the game, we can create an exercise regime that meets specific individual needs while contributing positively towards the team's success.

For FIFA 23, obtaining evaluation from mentors and professionals is essential for enhancing your gameplay. Here are three practical ways you can acquire feedback from them:

  1. Watch Sessions: Seek guidance by watching pros play. Record these sessions and replay to study their techniques and strategies.

  2. Solicit Advice: Search for professional players or experienced coaches, share your gameplay videos with them and seek their advice. Take notes on their feedback and apply those suggestions in your training.

  3. Attend Camps: Participate in training camps guided by experts scheduled periodically, benefitting by having personal interaction with the professionals. Observing them improve your gameplay while to discussing queries that may arise.

One alternative way of improving is refining tactics by practicing scenario-based exercises based on real-life situations you want to perfect in the game!

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